Everest College

Why students choose Everests online education

Students told us there were many reasons why they chose to attend Everest's online classes. Some reasons include:

  • Our career-focused curriculum
  • Career placement services for graduates*
  • Flexible schedules
  • Our accreditation status

And even though these are all important factors to our students, they weren't the main reason why they completed their degree with Everest.

They chose Everest online education for a reason that we completely overlooked. It's a reason that makes our online education stand out from other online degree programs?? and it's something we never really considered.

The top reason: A supportive team

Students kept writing to us over and over again about how much they appreciated Everest's supportive staff and faculty. Students found they were surrounded by a team supporting them in their educational journey, and thats what made the biggest difference.

Everest is committed not only to academic excellence, but also to making sure students get the support they need to reach their educational goals. Everest students aren't numbers; each is considered a part of our online family.

And, as part of our online family, we work hard to create an online environment that each student will feel comfortable in.

You will find support every step of the way?? from getting your computer set up to getting help throughout your online degree program. Our commitment has drawn more and more students to our online school.

We want each of our students to feel supported in every way possible, so that they'll have an enriching experience as they earn their online degree.

So here are some of the ways we support our students:

  • We hire experienced instructors who care
  • Our support staff is available and ready to help around-the-clock
  • We keep our classes small to make sure each student's needs are met
  • Flexible class schedules mean there are no mandatory chat sessions
  • We help students transfer their credits when applicable**

Simply complete our online form to find out more about Everests online degree programs. We'll provide you with all the information you need about Everest online education so you can make an informed decision.